brains behind gold line capital

The Face of the Enterprise

The current CEO and the founding principal of the successful real estate brand, Golden Lion Capital, Lyman Phillips, is the primary cause of the company’s success. But who is Lyman Phillips V?

Lyman was born in Natick, MA, and currently resides in Palm Beach County. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from UMass Amherst, an educational institute that resides within the Isenberg School of Management. From an early age, Lyman always had a deep interest in how the traditional buildings have evolved over time to adapt to the current demands of the world and the people who use them. He always felt excited when imagining how obsolete the buildings we see today would have been without the transformations and changes they received since they wouldn’t match and fulfill the demands of the community they are built in.

Growing up, we all have favorite places and restaurants spots that we love visiting now and then with family and friends. Lyman also had such favorite spots, but only because of how they changed and evolved into something beautiful over time to meet the ever-change taste and trend of the customers. He was always overfilled with excitement whenever his favorite place was renovated and improved to look more beautiful and provide a better customer experience. He thoroughly enjoyed thinking about all the business planning, creative and business ideas it took to bring the creative ideas and business planning into reality.

The Current Responsibility

Holding a foundational background in hospitality and commercial real estate industries, Lyman excels at developing and executing strategic initiatives that surge the company in all the right directions. He is dedicated to ensuring all the right investment decisions are taken to secure the future of Golden Lion Capital. Currently, Lyman serves as a board member of the Planning and Development Board for the City of Boynton Beach while being a part of the Committee for the Palm Beach Young Professionals.

The secret behind Lyman’s decision-making abilities is the heavy consideration he gives to the bigger picture and creating detailed abstract concepts before moving forward to highlight the best course of action for the company. Whatever he does, he always manages to salvage value and benefit from even the worst situations. His vast geographical knowledge and ability to be culturally perceptive grant him unparalleled awareness of all the major US markets.

What Golden Lion Capital is All About

The company revolves around utilizing the skills and experience they have learned over its professional run to create and facilitate a quick, straightforward, and painless process for the clients to acquire or sell sizeable assets that tick off all their real estate requirements perfectly. The Golden Lions believe in two main things:

Open and transparent communication and buyer’s representation. It’s common for most brokerages to mainly focus on getting the listing agreement and representing the seller and the buyer party. However, we believe there is a strong need for the buyer’s representation to be included in such deals. The company merely acts as an extension to the buyer’s acquisition team and assists them in every way.

Nothing can be done well without accurate and transparent communication. It plays a vital role in ensuring that the actions and the deals are done to achieve the desired results in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, the brokerage community is at times known for its slow or lack of timely response to their clients. Having a background of providing luxurious hospitality, they are known for giving the respect and importance to prompt response and answers to the clients’ queries that it deserves. When working in the commercial real estate industry, even a minor miscommunication will make the wrong buying or selling decision for the client that cannot be reversed.

Golden Lion Capital always put extra effort into making healthy relationships within the real estate industry because they understand the importance of information and resources. Nothing is worse than having a client making demands, but the brand cannot fulfill them and has to let them go. This company has created a massive community filled with top-performing brokers and ownership groups, a source of information that allows them to know things before they even happen. This valuable information allows Golden Lions to serve their clients better and provide much more beneficial and profitable services. Bidding wars always spell high expenses and costs, and to escape them, they bring their clients highly coveted opportunities.

The boutique firm, Golden Lion Capital, has established a national reach using their creative and flexible business operations to provide their clients the best the current market has to offer. Using their extensive web network of communication, they consistently prioritize to present the best real estate deals and opportunities to their client base. They might be a small team, but each individual is perfectly qualified, and together they deliver a complete experience that satisfies even the most stringent requirements of their clients.